What is the Affinity Mining Token (AMT)?

The Affinity Mining Token (AMT) is a unique ERC 20 Cryptocurrency that allows token holders to share (pro rata) in 30% of the organizations profits share in an active SHA 256 and Scrypt mine, that also creates associated products that all act synergistically to create super profits. Purchasing AMT gives one proof of share and entitles that individual or organization to a pro rata share in a 30% percent share of the Affinity Mining operation’s profits.

When will I receive my AMT?

The Foundation will run and vet the token issuing process. Token holders should receive their AMT’s within 30 days after the ICO has closed.

How do I buy Tokens?

Affinity Mining Tokens can be purchased through the web page - we want to make this process as simple as possible. Signup and purchase with a few clicks using BTC, ETH, USD (wire transfer) or shapeshift any other crypto using our API.

What do I get for $1?

$1 = 1 Affinity Mining Token (AMT)

How do I get the AMT into my wallet?

Once you have purchased AMT, we will need you to provide us with your Ethereum wallet address. Once the Affinity Foundation has signed off all transactions we will contact you and run the transaction to send you the AMT.

How do I find my wallet address?

Please follow the walk through in the below link.

How do I login to the Affinity Mining Customer Relations Management System?

You can log into the Affinity Dashboard from the link on the ICO website www.affinitymining.io to make contact with the Customer Relations Team.

What is the Affinity Ecosystem?

The Affinity Ecosystem is the products, services, blockchain integration, and Affinity Foundation that all act in concert to produce the ICO and subsequent coin disbursement to token holders.

What does the Affinity Foundation do?

The Affinity Mining Foundation will be entrusted with the safe custody of the ICO earnings on behalf of both you and Affinity Mining Ltd. The Foundation will ensure that the highest levels of fiscal discipline and fiduciary care are implemented in accordance with the legal requirements, and will ensure the smooth roll out of the ICO capital when each milestone is attained. The Foundation will oversee the fundraising, receipt of all funds, and have oversight of all token allocations at the end of the ICO.

What is the total supply of AMT?

The total supply of AMT is 27.5 million tokens excluding the 7% to Founders and Advisors. The Foundation reserves the right to release more tokens should the ICO funding proceed beyond this point.

What will determine the price of the AMT?

The price of the AMT current market price is determined by the number of sellers and buyers of the cryptocurrency on the partner exchanges, on a bid/offer basis. As the organization matures the size of the dividends due to token holders will also affect the demand for the token.

Can I buy more AMT with an email address that I have already use?

Your email address serves as your username for all log in actions, so yes you may purchase as many times as you want to any supported cryptocurrency.

Can I buy more AMT once I have purchased some already?

Absolutely you can.

Which exchanges will AMT be listed on?

We are in discussions with the following exchanges. We will advise over the next few months as to which partner exchanges arrangements are finalised

Why are the dividends paid out in Ethereum?

The pay-outs are done in Ethereum as this is based on an Ethereum Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain.

What is an Ethereum Smart Contract?

Smart contracts are computer protocols that facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract, or that make a contractual clause unnecessary. Smart contracts often emulate the logic of contractual clauses.

What form of renewable energy does Affinity Mining Use?

We use hydroelectric power.

Why is there a drive for renewable energy, does Cryptocurrency Mining really use that much power?

Bitcoin mining energy consumption has an estimated consumption of 15.43 Terrawatt hours (TWh) per year. The energy consumption is set to increase exponentially in the near future making the maintenance of the bitcoin (and other proof-of-work altcoins) ecosystems subject to power production limitations and a major producer of greenhouse gasses. Energy consumption of the Bitcoin network is currently at the level of the consumption of Cyprus. Some publications claim that energy consumption could reach the total production of Denmark by 2020.

Can I get a pay-out into Fiat Currency?

Payouts are made in Ethereum, however you are able to exchange Ethereum into FIAT on almost all major Exchanges.

Can I be paid out in Bitcoin?

Due to the nature of the smart contract, all payouts will be done in Ethereum

What is the difference between ASIC and GPU Mining?

ASIC miners are specialized miners which will only mine the specific algorithm for which it was designed. GPU miners are significantly less powerful however, you are able to mine multiple algorithms.

What are “Bounties” and why do they get 2%?

A bounty campaign is a PR event when a project is being promoted by its participants. For promoting the project participants will be awarded a portion of the 2% proportional to their contribution on that particular bounty type.

What is Geneva Trust Secretaries Ltd?

Is organised under the law of Anguilla under Registration Number 1010032 and is licensed and regulated by the Anguilla Financial Services Commission for carrying on trust business under the Trust Companies and Offshore Banking Act (Revised Statutes of Anguilla, Chapter T60).

Can you receive pay-outs to multiple wallets (Investing for children)?

No, Payouts will be done to the token holders wallet only.

What are the risks involved (what if the ICO isn’t successful)?

If the ICO fails to fund, all capital invested will be refunded less transaction costs.

What exactly is Fractional Remote Mining?

Rather than purchasing Hashrate, we believe in complete transparency. We have devised a system to allow users to purchase a portion of a Professional Miner if they do not have enough to buy the whole miner a one time. This will ensure full transparency as to what you have invested in.

Will I be able to exchange my Ethereum to any other currency through the wallet?

Yes, the wallet will support most major Cryptocurrencies.

Can I spend my Affinity Mining Tokens like one would be able to spend Bitcoin or Ethereum?

No, the token will function as a proof of purchase and a right to receive dividends from Affinity Mining Ltd. Only token holders will be eligible for their share of the quarterly profits from the Affinity Mining Ecosystem.

What exactly is EverywhereTM Mining

Everywhere Mining™ is a software package that runs on PC gaming rigs, this software sits unobtrusively in the background and automatically mines the most profitable coin of the hour.

Are there qualifying questions, or can anyone invest?

We will allow anyone to invest provided their jurisdiction will allow them to do so. Should The Foundation not obtain additional documentation from these investors as per SEC rules, US citizens that purchase Affinity Mining Tokens without being on the Accredited Investor list, will have their deposits refunded at the end of the ICO into the wallet address that originally paid for the Tokens (less transaction fees).

What exactly is the pre-sale period, can anyone buy during this period?

Anyone can purchase during the Pre-sale. The pre-sale allows early adopters to profit the most as an additional 25% token bonus will be added to all token purchases.

Why would I want to invest in this ICO?

Profit. Transparency. Legitimacy. Future-proofing the cryptocurrencies ecosystems.

What is the minimum investment that one can make?

The minimum investment is 100 USD in most cryptocurrencies.

What are the tax implications around this investment?

You are bound by the jurisdiction in which you reside. It is the token holder’s responsibility to declare any investments made to their local tax authorities.

When will the first quarterly pay-out be issued?

Within 8 weeks after the close of the ICO. This timeline is entirely dependent on the miner manufacturers ability to supply large volumes of miners on short notice.

I really am interested in a Crypto Visa Card, do I need to wait for your milestone before I order one for myself?

The Visa card will only be released should the USD 50 million milestone in funding be reached. Should you wish to purchase a Visa backed cryptocard, please consult Google for a list of suppliers.

Where/ how does on register for the chat?

You can access the chat function on our main website, www.affinitymining.io

Where are your mining operations?

The mining operation is hosted in the Scandinavian region.

What hardware do you use in your mining operations?

We will only use the latest and most profitable ASIC miners. The exact setup and proportion of SAH 256 to Scrypt will change from time to time as the market moves.

How will the changes in the Bitcoin & Ethereum price effect returns we receive?

As your returns are in Ethereum and as such will eligible to all capital growth associated with this Cryptocurrency.

Where can I find the T&Cs for this investment?

The terms and conditions are available on the main website www.affinitymining.io